Granny Smith Festival Drive-In Cinema

Granny Smith Festival Drive-In Cinema

At 35 years old, the annual Granny Smith Festival has its MO down pat. At this time of year, locals flock to the streets to celebrate Australia’s favourite apple — one that has a history deeply rooted in Ryde, as Maria Ann ‘Granny’ Smith accidentally grew the first known crop here back in 1868.

But, like with many festivals in 2020, things were a little different this time around. Instead of a one-day extravaganza with a 2000-person community parade and street fair, this year’s Granny Smith Festival largely operated online. There was a virtual marketplace, a digital scavenger hunt, and kids’ entertainment with celebs like Emma Wiggle performing live — all accessible through your screen at home.

All, that is, apart from the new drive-in cinema at Macquarie University car park which was held for two days this October long weekend.

Showing four sold-out films, from the action-packed comedy Shazam! to the star-studded The Gentlemen, the Granny Smith Festival Drive-In Cinema was a complete success!