Our Roadmap

Deep-tech incubation facilities, SMART event venues, collision spaces, a business hub and free wifi are all hallmarks of the innovation district.

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Our roadmap

The Macquarie Park Innovation District is growing at a fantastic rate.

The key initial focus is on building the network ecosystem through the innovation events program using existing and upgraded venues across the park. Associated with this is a focus on scaling the partnership base for reach and impact. The Macquarie Incubator was opened in 2016 – a permanent 2000m2 facility – a space for students, researchers, staff, small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs), entrepreneurs and start ups who are working on research or an idea that can be commercialised.

Key details of Phase 1:

  • launch of the Macquarie Incubator and opening of new building
  • development of collision and multi-use events space
  • upgrade of café outlets to become SMART event venues that provide collision spaces and a home for smaller events
  • hosting of weekly events, as well as hackathons and innovation, arts and community engagement events
  • development of partnerships with international innovation districts to drive international collaboration
  • launch of intrapreneur and entrepreneur programs, including international exchange.

Phase 2 – due for completion in 2018

Expands on Phase 1 with the addition of deep-tech incubation facilities for medical and life science-related research. Additional events, SMART café and collision spaces will serve existing businesses and new residential expansion. The events program will further grow.

Phase 3 – to be completed in 2022

Will see the addition of two major infrastructure projects: the central University campus hub and the business hub development as part of a new town centre precinct. The campus hub will house event and engagement space, as well as a dedicated student digital incubation hub. The proposed business hub opposite the Macquarie Centre will provide internal and external spaces for business and commerce-related engagement and incubation.

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