Macquarie Park is a thriving locale that is predicted to double in size in the next 20 years to become the fourth largest CBD in Australia.

Macquarie Park Innovation District is located in North Ryde adjacent to Lane Cove National Park on the North Shore of Sydney. Covering an area of more than 350 hectares, the innovation district is well connected by road and rail with three train stations providing quick access to the CBD, as well as reasonable commuting options for more than 50 per cent of Sydney’s residents.

Numerous hotels, food outlets, park spaces and events spaces are located within the district, with more to be added over time. In addition to vibrant physical spaces, the park will be known for its SMART digital infrastructure – home to free wi-fi and high-speed data connections.

Alongside the district are major developments of high-quality new homes and infrastructure to provide for the planned increase in employees.

While expansion is the lifeblood of growth, the district is focusing on the development of collision, collaboration and events spaces along with start-up incubators and follow on small business space to anchor the innovation community.